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Garage Door Repair Marlboro Md

When you start hearing loud sounds when your garage door is working, it might be time for a maintenance check. After all, it never hurts to have your garage door checked as opposed to having to pay for a pricey replacement for an entire garage door. Contact our technicians for reliable garage door repair Marlboro MD service.   

Maintenance is key  if you don’t want to pay for any major garage door repair in your Marlboro MD property. Regular maintenance is especially critical for commercial and residential properties where the garage door is used daily. Here are some of the things owners can do:
Lubricate the rollers. For all-metal rollers, use motor oil or other non-silicone based lubricants. As for nylon rollers, just lubricate the bearings.
Make time for regular inspections. The two things to inspect—at least every 3 months—are the extension springs and the torsion springs. You can call in a technician to do this for you.
Check door balance. Manually lift or lower the garage door. If it looks and feels uneven, there might be a problem with the chains.
Request regular visits from professionals. Technicians can easily see if one of the parts of your garage door is weak or is prone to breaking. They can then fix the problem before it gets bigger and more expensive.
Upper Marlboro Garage Door Repair has trained technicians high-experienced in handling commercial and residential garage doors. We offer maintenance and installation as well as garage door repair in Marlboro MD. If you want to get a free estimate from Upper Marlboro Garage Door Repair, just call (301)123-4567.

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