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Article provided by: All Terrain Aerial Lifts

Sky Jack Lifts

Sky Jack Lifts When you need to work up high, getting there and staying there safely can be a real challenge. That's why All Terrain Aerial Lifts provides a range of sky jack lifts, NiftyLifts and lifting equipment made by MLE/ATAL, NiftyLift and Snorkel. To know more about All Terrain Aerial Lifts, call 559.225.8000

When a worker needs to perform a task somewhere high off the ground, gravity is not their friend. A fall from even a short height can be problematic; a fall from a very tall ladder can be catastrophic. Skyjack produces a comprehensive line of self-propelled lifts to elevate work heights up to fifty six feet. Skyjack is an industry leader because they manufacture world class machinery that is considered to be durable and serviceable, too. Sky Jack lifts are available in many styles, models and sizes. You may be interested in something like the Knuckle boom, also known as an articulated boom. This type of Skyjack has a minimum of two hinged sections, which allows for greater boom maneuverability. This feature is of particular interest to those performing tasks that require reaching over and above obstructions. The applications for knuckle lifts are almost limitless. They can be utilized for painting, building and bridge inspection, aircraft inspection as well as inspection and maintenance of other sizeable things.

Sky Jack lifts are available in gas, diesel, propane and electrically powered styles. Rough terrain models allow a worker to traverse challenging jobsite terrain. The electric models are more suited to smooth, hard surfaces. If your company has above ground maintenance or construction work that exceeds the safe reach of a ladder, a sky jack lift is the kind of heavy equipment for the job. All Terrain Aerial Lifts offers a sweet selection of lifting equipment made by such respected manufacturers as NiftyLift, Snorkel and Sky Jack. To know more, send a note or call 559.225.8000 and tell us what sort of aerial lifting equipment you require. Sky Jack Lifts

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